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  • Cheers and welcome to www.kohsamui.tours the leading English-speaking booking experience on Koh Samui. We are offering the largest and finest portfolio of excursions, tours, activities & transfers on the amazing holiday island Koh Samui! All attractions are inspected at regular intervals to ensure the high quality of all products and we only cooperate with the most trustful and reliable operators on the island. Our brand name is famous for the perfect combination out of fair prices, outstanding experiences and reliable customer service. Our highest priority is to make your holiday unforgettable on probably the most amazing place in the world: The breathtaking Island Koh Samui! We hope that you will appreciate our products as much as it is our aim to explore and create enjoyable tours for you! Let us kidnap you to the most stunning spots that you can find on the island of Koh Samui!

  • About us - Koh Samui Tours Excursions Activities Sightseeing Thailand - Koh Samui Tours

  • Our dedicated and long-term experienced team of creative minds goal is to put you a huge smile on your face during your stay in Koh Samui. All kohsamui.tours members are permanently searching for exceptional and better ways to perform outstanding service! With a mix of innovative spirit and deep local experience, we want to make your every single day unforgettable. Your holiday dreams are our holiday dreams and we place it at the top of our priority list! If you are looking for an reliable advice, you are in the right place!

  • About us - Koh Samui Tours Excursions Activities Sightseeing Thailand - Koh Samui Tours

  • Our daily target is to impress our high valued customers with a variety of the best and affordable vacation deals around the Koh Samui archipelago! We have come a long way and therefore know exactly how we can surprise you with high-quality service, not expensive products and unbeatable spots. All services are offered with excellent customer service and helpful support. That is how we have successfully satisfied customers all over the world. And we are happy to share our endless love for the island of Koh Samui with you!
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  • Licensed by the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) under number 33/06350 for the mediation of tourist services. We are permanently eligible and registered to support our customers in arranging their vacation! Our license number can be checked under the following official Internet address: To The Department of Tourism Thailand!
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  • After the first Koh Samui vacation, we were all Samui infected, followed by the decision to leave Germany and settle down to Thailand: That's how it all started! In the beginning, as we were still on the tourist side we were frequently searching for unique excursions, tours, activities, transfers, etc. We quickly realized that the massive amount of offers that we had to dig through, was anything else than well organized...And that's still formulated in a very friendly way! We were all annoyed by the fact that we had to find our way around on different platforms. Most pages were totally out-of-date and showed incomplete tour offers. That remembered us to the web 1.0 quality of the early 90s. Very poor product descriptions, lack of customer support, much overpriced and above all the missing trust and security that is essential to not falling victim to fraud. "We can do that better!" was our conclusion followed by uncountable meetings and brainstormings that took place from time to time, without being really serious to start a tour business. In reality, it took quite a long while for the founders, who all only got to know each other on Koh Samui, to decide to develop our own booking experience. Sure thing, it should stand out in every aspect! The founder's skill sets and competencies are based on international education and professional experience, which was very beneficial to us! And the plan worked out! Within a very short time, we have established kohsamui.tours as THE # 1 English-speaking tour booking place for Koh Samui travelers!

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  • A big thanks to all long-term and new coming partners. Without your everyday support, it won't be possible to address so many Koh Samui enthusiastic people!

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