Koh Samui Elephant Home Animal Shelter Feeding Activity
This feeding activity at the hidden elephant home animal shelter on Koh Samui is a unique experience.  Whether young or old, everyone gets their money's worth here, because elephants kept outdoors are certainly not fed too often in life by you. After a...
from ฿900
Zipline in Koh Samui Adventure activity tour
Zipline in Koh Samui is an adventurous activity on the island. You get an adrenaline rush at dizzy heights between different tropical plants. The activity Zipline in Koh Samui has a lot of exciting challenges at dizzying heights await you. In...
from ฿1,550
Koh Samui Quad Activity 1 hour adventure
This 1 hour Quad adventure activity is unforgettable on the remote paths of Koh Samui. After a short brief introduction to protective clothing and familiarization with the selected vehicle (single ATV, ATV for 2 people, or Buggy) the adrenalin trip begins....
from ฿1,450
1 hour Jet Ski Safari on Koh Samui
from ฿3,950
1 hour Jet Ski Safari on Koh Samui
The perfect match is this 1-hour Jet Ski Safari on Koh Samui. You and one other person can explore the eastern panoramic coastline of Koh Samui together. The famous Big Buddha, Koh Som and Maenam Beach are the destinations. The...
from ฿3,950
Round-Trip Transfer Elephant Kingdom 400m Skywalk Animal Shelter
The Elephant Kingdom on Koh Samui is an animal shelter with a 400m Skywalk. This elephant sanctuary on the Coconut Island aims to improve the welfare and health of captive pachyderms and offers specialized veterinary care. We offer an island round...
from ฿950
Football Golf Koh Samui - Fun Activity
from ฿750per person
Football Golf Koh Samui - Fun Activity
In this truly original Football Golf activity, you, your family and friends will play together, laugh and enjoy this holiday pleasure. As you walk on one of Koh Samui's most beautiful coconut plantations, kick the football into each of the...
from ฿750
Wakeboarding & water skiing 30 minutes - Water Activity
Take part in our thrilling water sort activity combo. You will be pulled by a sports boat for 30 minutes and glide at full speed over the crystal clear water of Koh Samui. More trained drivers can use the small waves as...
from ฿1,950
Jetboard 30 minutes - adrenalin activity
Book now our adrenalin activity Jetboard and experience a dizzying dance in the air. This newfangled activity takes a total of 30 minutes. Includes a 10-minute briefing and 20 minutes free flight over the waves of Koh Samui. A wet fun...
from ฿3,250
Activity paintball tropical jungle Koh Samui
from ฿1,200per person
Activity paintball tropical jungle Koh Samui
Try now the Paintball activity in a whole new environment as you develop tactics in the tropical jungles of Koh Samui. If you are a team player, if you prefer sophisticated tactics and physical activity, you can have fun for hours...
from ฿1,200
Paddleboard 1 hour - Fun & Water Activity
Explore now a cozy fun & water activity on the paddleboard. During this 1-hour activity, you have the opportunity to explore the colorful ocean or the sunset while paddling over the water. It doesn't matter whether you're standing, sitting, or...
from ฿400
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