Pig Island Speedboat Tour - Cruise Ship Tours - Last Minute
Take part in this varied cruise ship tour by speedboat to the famous pig island near Koh Samui for cruiser ship passengers. Enjoy the snorkeling trip to some of the most beautiful snorkeling spots and coral reefs around the two islands...
from ฿1,845
Last Minute Shore Excursion - Elephant Home Animal Shelter Koh Samui
The excursion to the famous elephant shelter on Koh Samui was specially designed for cruise ship passengers who want to book last minute. It is considered one of the most popular attractions and by visiting you support ethical elephant tourism....
from ฿3,105
Private Island Tour Around Koh Samui Full Day Shore Excursion
This absolute private full-day island tour around Koh Samui offers you a unique excursion to famous sightseeing marks on the Island. In a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle, our experience guide will show you the best places and give you some background...
from ฿7,605
Feeding Activity Elephant Shelter Koh Samui - Last Minute Cruise Ship Guests
On this shore excursion, which was specially designed for cruise ship guests on Koh Samui, you get the last minute opportunity to feed elephants. No elephant riding!!! You will be given a warm welcome at the sanctuary, and will be...
from ฿1,305
Pink Dolphins Cruise Ship Tour - Koh Samui Last Minute
This last minute half-day excursion to the pink dolphins is considered one of the most interesting sights for cruise ship passengers. A speedboat takes you to certain places where dolphins are known to play in the wild in the morning....
from ฿2,655
Private Island Jungle Safari Tour - Last Minute for Cruise Ship Guests Koh Samui
On this private full day island tour with jungle safari we will show you the most famous sights on Koh Samui. In addition to the 4x4 off-road ride through the hidden hinterland of the Coconut Island, past magical temples, you...
from ฿12,375
Excursion Angthong National Park - Tours of Cruise Ship
This full-day excursion to the Angthong National Park is one of the most tours of cruise ship guests and very popular sea destinations. Discover the Angthong Marine Park (Golden Basin) with its 42 islands. Here you have the opportunity to explore the rock...
from ฿2,655
4 Hours Private Minibus Island Excursion for Cruise Ship Passengers - Last Minute
This 4-hour private island excursion in a comfortable, air-conditioned minibus is designed for cruiser ship passengers to explore Koh Samui. The advantages are that you avoid peak times at various sights and can time the respective stops. Koh Samui offers...
from ฿4,050
Private Last Minute 6 Hour VIP Island Tour Koh Samui
This private 6-hour last minute VIP island tour for cruise ship guests on Koh Samui allows you to choose the time of each stop yourself. Our driver will chauffeur you safely to the selected attractions in an air-conditioned, clean minibus....
from ฿5,625
Private Last Minute Beach & Snorkeling Cruise Ship Tour - Pig Island
One of our last minute bestsellers for cruise ship guests is the private beach & snorkeling trip to Pig Island. With the traditional long tail boat, we take you to the uninhabited pig island, Koh Mudsum. The woolly pigs, some...
from ฿6,750
3 South Islands Private Longtail Boat Tour - Last Minute for cruise ship guests
On this last minute private cruise excursion, you will be taken to the 3 South Islands by a traditional long tail boat. Koh Rap, Koh Taen and Koh Mudsum will be on the list to visit in the Samui archipelago. On this...
from ฿9,000
Last Minute Quad Excursion 3 hours - cruise ship passenger
On this 3-hour ATV quad excursion for cruise ship passengers, you will experience the finest driving fun through the hinterland of Koh Samui. The powerful vehicles will take you and your companion effortlessly through the jungle paths. It goes past...
from ฿6,120
Last Minute Jet Ski Safari with Passenger 3 Hours - Shore Excursion Koh Samui
There won't be a dry eye in the 3-hour jet ski adventure safari for cruise ship passengers on Koh Samui. Accompanied by a guide, you and your passenger may be shown some of the most beautiful places on this action-packed...
from ฿9,396
Last Minute Private Full Day Speedboat Tour - Angthong Marine Park - Shore Excursion
Book your special day on this private full-day speedboat tour for cruise ship guests to the famous Angthong National Park. The last minute deal is for those who want to experience more privacy. The Angthong Marine National Park with its...
from ฿35,550
Deep Sea Fishing Traditional Boat - Koh Samui Cruising Excursions
Take part in our exciting deep-sea fishing cruising excursions with a traditional boat on Koh Samui. Go fishing on a traditional fishing boat in the crystal clear waters of the southern waters of Koh Samui. Here are some of the...
from ฿2,025
Adventure Zipline - Samui cruise trip
from ฿1,950per person
Adventure Zipline - Samui cruise trip
This is an adventure Zipline trip for cruise ship passenger on Koh Samui. The activity Zipline offers a lot of exciting challenges at dizzying heights and breathtaking views. In the nearby tree house, you or your spectators can enjoy the...
from ฿1,950
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