Adventure Zipline 5000 meters - Samui cruise trip
T part in this Samui cruise trip zipline adventure on the coconut island. At lofty heights between tropical plants, you slide from one station to the next. 33 exciting tasks, in dizzying heights, await you on this excursion. Mash down...
from ฿2,950.00
Jungle Jeep Safari - cruise ship tours samui
Join us at our popular full-day island cruise ship tours with a jungle safari. Let us visit some of the island's most iconic attractions and enjoy the untouched jungle with an adventurous off-road ride through.In between, you have the possibility to refresh your body...
from ฿2,500.00
Thai Cooking Class 4 hours - Cruise ship trip
Join our cruise ship trip and enjoy a 4-hours Thai cooking class on Koh Samui. Learn to cook original Thai dishes in a relaxed open-air kitchen. First of all, choose your 5 favorite dishes. The 4-hour cooking class takes place...
from ฿2,700.00
Quad Excursion 3 hours - cruise ship passenger
This ATV quad excursion is specially customized for cruise ship passengers and takes place in small groups. Enjoy 3 hours of driving fun through the natural jungle of Samui. We take you to a waterfall and stop at the highest...
from ฿4,400.00
Tasting Spirit Adults - Koh Samui Cruise Tour
On this top Koh Samui cruise tour, you will get an insight into the local rum production on Koh Samui at various spirits tasting. Many tourists visiting the idyllic island do not know that behind the beautiful beaches and tropical...
from ฿3,500.00
Cruise Ship Tour 6 Attractions Koh Samui
฿2,300.00 from ฿1,850.00
Cruise Ship Tour 6 Attractions Koh Samui
This 6,5 hours cruise ship day tour begins with some of the most popular spots and attractions of Koh Samui in the morning. In the afternoon we bring you in a comfortable and air-conditioned minibus to Bophut / Fisherman's Village. Here you have...
฿2,300.00 from ฿1,850.00
VIP Minibus Private Driver 6 Hours - Cruise Ship Private Tour
Determine your destination and length of stay at your desired location on Koh Samui. Enjoy the exclusive advantage of being chauffeured by your own driver in an air-conditioned vehicle, independently and in a small group. The island offers a variety...
Day Tour Island Tour by Minibus - Tour of Cruise Ship
Join our island day tour of cruise ship with the top attractions on Koh Samui. The mini-bus island tour is the perfect way to explore Samui, if you do not want to be on the road yourself and have a...
from ฿1,500.00
Koh Samui Cruise Port Scooter Delivery - Honda PCX 150 No Passport
We deliver to the Koh Samui cruise port - without a passport! Are you looking to rent a scooter to explore the beauties of Koh Samui flexibly and safely on your own?Driving pleasure with a high level of safety is...
from ฿1,200.00
Scooter Delivery to Koh Samui Cruise Port - Honda Click 125 Without Passport
We deliver to the Koh Samui cruise port - without a passport! Are you looking to rent a scooter to explore the beauties of Koh Samui flexibly and safely on your own?This elegant and agile automatic transmission scooter is the...
from ฿800.00
Creative Activity Football Golf - Koh Samui Activity From Cruise
In this creative football golf activity from cruise you, your family, and friends will play together, laugh, and enjoy on Koh Samui. As you walk on one of Samui's most beautiful coconut plantations, kick the football into each of the...
from ฿1,000.00
Short Adventure Trip 3 Hours - For Cruise Ships Passengers
This 3 hours short adventure trip for cruise ships passengers takes place in the southern part of Koh Samui. With a total duration of 3 hours, this program includes 3 activities and 3 sights. The ideal excursion for cruise ship...
from ฿1,500.00
Funny Paintball Game - Special For Cruise Ship Guests
Try now the funny Paintball game special for cruise ship guests in a whole new environment as you develop tactics in the tropical jungles of Koh Samui.If you are a team player, if you prefer sophisticated tactics and physical activity,...
from ฿1,500.00
Koh Samui Bungee Jump - Activities of Cruise Ships
50 meters Bungee Jump is one of our cruise ships activities on Koh Samui that guarantees that your adrenaline rises and your heart beats faster. Imagine you are thrown 50 meters into the air and then fall down again and...
from ฿2,000.00
Koh Samui Tour Quad Adventure 2 hours - Shore Excursion
This 2-hour quad adventure is the most popular jungle and mountain off-road tour for all riders from beginner to professional for a shore excursion on Koh Samui. After being picked up at the pier and arriving at the 4000m² ATV Park,...
from ฿3,300.00
ATV Adventure Tour - Cruise Ship Tours Koh Samui
The 2.5 hours ATV adventure tour is special customized for cruise ship tours and an unforgettable experience on the remote paths of Koh Samui. After a 10-minute test drive on the practice grounds, the tour will take you through the...
from ฿3,800.00
Adventure Park Koh Samui - Shore Excursions (Half-Day)
This family-friendly and exciting half-day adventure is great for shore excursions, at the adventure park on Koh Samui. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a bit of excitement and entertainment. With an authentic, rugged, ex-army jeep, you'll...
from ฿2,100.00
X-Power Tour - Koh Samui Cruise Passenger Tours
The extreme trip X-Power is one of the action-packed and adrenalin loaded cruise passenger tours with a combination of 4 different activities on Koh Samui. On the half-day trip, you discover the outback with a powerful ATV. Also, sit on the back...
from ฿2,400.00
Quad Adventure - Tours For Cruise Ship Passengers
This thrilling 30 minutes quad adventure is designed for our cruise ship passengers and one of the most popular tours on Koh Samui. For pure beginners or experienced riders is limitless action and fun guaranteed on the 32.000m² large area....
from ฿1,200.00
Enduro Tour Adrenalin - Activities of Cruising Koh Samui
At this adrenalin-enduro tour we offer one of the best activities of cruising Koh Samui variety for beginners and advanced riders. From sandy and loamy trails to hills and rocky sections, we offer at these 2 hours a mix of...
from ฿4,000.00
Island Safari Tour - Cruise Ship Visitors Koh Samui
This island safari tour is specially customized to the wishes of our cruise ship visitors on Koh Samui. We carry out this tour with off-road jeeps and in small groups. The personalized tour program takes you away from the crowds...
from ฿2,300.00
Half-Day Trip Elephant Haven - Shore Excursion Koh Samui
The elephant haven, our bestseller for a shore excursion on Koh Samui, is a half-day trip to the sanctuary for rescued elephants. The elephants who currently live there have previously an exhausting and sometimes unjust life in the labor service...
from ฿3,500.00
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