Island Safari Tour - Cruise Ship Visitors Koh Samui
from ฿2,350per person
Island Safari Tour - Cruise Ship Visitors Koh Samui
This island safari tour is specially customized to the wishes of our cruise ship visitors on Koh Samui. We carry out this tour with off-road jeeps and in small groups. The personalized tour program takes you away from the crowds...
from ฿2,350
Quad Excursion 3 hours - cruise ship passenger
from ฿6,800per Driver
Quad Excursion 3 hours - cruise ship passenger
This ATV quad excursion is specially customized for cruise ship passengers and takes place in small groups. Enjoy 3 hours of driving fun through the natural jungle of Samui. We take you to a waterfall and stop at breathtaking viewpoints...
from ฿6,800
3h Cruise Ship Tour Jet Ski Safari with Passenger
from ฿10,440per Jet Ski
3h Cruise Ship Tour Jet Ski Safari with Passenger
The 3h Jet Ski Safari for cruise ship passenger is the money absolutely worth it. Exploring the beauties of the Samui Archipelago on your own with a free passenger is unique.  Depends on the weather conditions, you can choose the...
from ฿10,440
Adventure Zipline - Samui cruise trip
from ฿1,950per person
Adventure Zipline - Samui cruise trip
This is an adventure Zipline trip for cruise ship passenger on Koh Samui. The activity Zipline offers a lot of exciting challenges at dizzying heights and breathtaking views. In the nearby tree house, you or your spectators can enjoy the...
from ฿1,950
Private Pig Island Snorkeling & Longtail Boat - Cruise Excursion
This private half-day snorkeling excursion (2 islands) takes our cruise ship passengers by traditional longtail boat to the famous, uninhabited pig island, Koh Mudsum. Due to the deserted beaches and the partly untouched underwater world, Koh Taen is one of the most...
from ฿7,500
Private Longtail Boat 3 South Islands Koh Rap, Koh Taen, Koh Mudsum - Cruise Excursion
This exceptional private cruise excursion takes you to the 3 southern islands in the Samui archipelago by traditional long-tail boat. Koh Rap, Koh Taen and Koh Mudsum are visited. On this paradisiacal adventure, you will be shown the beauties of...
from ฿10,000
Private Full Day Island Tour with Jungle Safari - Shore Excursion
On this private full day island tour with jungle safari we will show our cruise ship guests the most famous sights on Koh Samui. In addition to the 4x4 off-road ride through the hidden hinterland of the Coconut Island, past...
from ฿13,750
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