Activity jetpack flying 30 minutes Koh Samui
During this activity on Koh Samui, you fly through the air with a jetpack and enjoy the amazing nature of the island. Jetpack is a new water sport that requires a bit of physical activity, so you get a 10-minute...
Private Diving Tour Island Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum
Looking for a relaxed private diving tour, off-the-beaten-track activity just a short boat ride from Koh Samui? Then we have the perfect offer for you, your family and friends. While "first-time divers" can enjoy their first breath underwater in a protected...
Jet Ski 30 minutes - Water activity
An unforgettable activity on the water is our jet ski ride. This extreme activity lasts 30 minutes. You and one other person can explore the eastern panoramic coastline of Koh Samui together. The fast ride on a jet ski alone...
Wakeboarding & water skiing 20 minutes - Water Activity
Take part at our thrilling water sort activity combo. You will be pulled by a sports boat for 20 minutes and glide with full speed over the crystal clear water of Koh Samui. More trained drivers can use the small waves as...
Paragliding 15 minutes - Short activity
Experience the dreamlike Koh Samui from above. Paragliding is one of the most popular short-term activities on the island. Let a speedboat lift you up for 15 minutes and see the infinite beauty of tropical paradise from a bird's eye...
PADI open water diver - 3 day course Koh Samui
You always wanted to scuba dive, see the world underwater and experience an unparalleled adventure? Get a certificate for dives down to a depth of 18 meters accompanied by another certified diver.Regardless of a dive professional, is a certified PADI...
Paddleboard 1 hour - Fun & Water Activity
Explore now a cozy fun & water activity on the paddleboard. During this 1-hour activity, you have the opportunity to enjoy the colorful underwater world or the sunset while paddling over the water. Book today this new sport as an...
Jetboard 30 minutes - adrenalin activity
Book now our adrenalin activity Jetboard and experience a dizzying dance in the air. This newfangled activity takes a total of 30 minutes. Includes a 10-minute briefing and 20 minutes free flight over the waves of Koh Samui. A wet fun...
Banana boat ride 10 minutes - Fun Activity
One of our funniest short activities is the banana boat ride. You can participate in this activity with a maximum of 6 people and is perfect for the whole family or small groups. Jumping 10 minutes and riding over the...
10 minutes donut ride - Fun activity Koh Samui
Book one of the best Koh Samui fun activities and take a seat on a donut. This adrenalin speed activity lasts 10 minutes and a maximum of 3 people can join. Book now an unforgettable experience. A wild ride for young and...
Extreme Tornado Boat - Koh Samui Activity
The Extreme Tornado Action Boot Activity is a 20-minute thrill and adrenaline tour featuring various high-speed tricks like: 360 spins, drifts, submarine movements, and amazing speeds. Imagine the Lamborghini under the boats on Koh Samui. This is the Tornado Water...
Diving Koh Samui - At beach for beginners
Diving on Koh Samui is perfect for all beginner divers. During this introductory dive, we take you to picturesque beaches and you have the opportunity to explore the diverse underwater world of Koh Samui on your own. Our professional and...
Koh Samui diving course - pool & open sea
Take part in our scuba diving activity and discover the incredible, colorful underwater world of Thailand. With our licensed and English & German-speaking dive guides at your side, you can experience numerous sea creatures up close. On the first day,...
Diving Koh Tao - Sail Rock & whale shark
Diving Koh Tao - The known "Sail Rock" is one of the most beautiful, natural dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand and this is not a myth!Located in the Thai waters, north of the island of Koh Phangan, the "Sail...
Diving Koh Tao - Discover the open sea
Diving Koh Tao - Explore the unique underwater world of Koh Tao in this exciting diving activity. Enjoy coral diving in sheltered bays and with 2 dives at a maximum depth of 20 meters. Ideal for the more adventurous who want...
Trial Diving Koh Tao - Experience the open sea
Trial Diving Koh Tao - During this introductory activity in the open, safe sea, we will show you the beauties of the colorful and intact underwater world of Koh Tao. With numerous sea creatures in all colors, sizes, and variations,...
Activity deep sea fishing Koh Samui - traditional boat
Take part in our exciting activity of deep-sea fishing. Go fishing on a traditional fishing boat in the crystal clear waters of the southern waters of Koh Samui. Here are some of the best fishing spots. Around noon you also...
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