Koh Samui Elephant Home Animal Shelter Feeding Activity
This feeding activity at the hidden elephant home animal shelter on Koh Samui is a unique experience.  Whether young or old, everyone gets their money's worth here, because elephants kept outdoors are certainly not fed too often in life by you. After a...
from ฿900
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Half Day Activity Koh Samui Elephant Home Animal Shelter
The Elephant Home animal shelter on Koh Samui is a half-day animal activity at a elephant sanctuary in a big wild area. We plan to build the very first elephant hospital on Koh Samui. A new project to increase learning, compatibility, and understanding between...
from ฿2,650
Round-Trip Transfer Elephant Kingdom 400m Skywalk Animal Shelter
The Elephant Kingdom on Koh Samui is an animal shelter with a 400m Skywalk. This elephant sanctuary on the Coconut Island aims to improve the welfare and health of captive pachyderms and offers specialized veterinary care. We offer an island round...
from ฿950
Koh Samui Elephant Haven - Animal Activity
from ฿2,850per person
Koh Samui Elephant Haven - Animal Activity
The elephant's haven on Koh Samui is a half-day animal activity in the sanctuary for rescued elephants. The elephants who now live there have previously an exhausting and sometimes unjust life in the labor service and can now enjoy a...
from ฿2,850
Elephant Sanctuary Samui - Ethical Animal Experience
The ethical elephant sanctuary in Bophut is one of Koh Samui's most popular attractions for travelers. The elephant sanctuary was naturally built to protect the rescued elephants from the hard and exhausting work in the logging and tourism industry. You...
from ฿2,900
Pig Island Snorkeling Koh Mudsum & Koh Tan Speed Boat Economy Tour
This joint snorkeling Economy Tour to the Pig Island including Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan is definitely a must-do. In addition to kayaking, snorkeling and lunch, the tour includes a lot more worth seeing. The islands, some of which are still...
from ฿1,450
Sunset snorkeling tour pig island Koh Mudsum & Koh Tan
This unique joint sunset snorkeling tour to the Pig Island including Koh Mudsum and Koh Tan is one of our bestseller. The uninhabited islands, with no running water or electricity, will make your stay unforgettable. In addition to snorkeling, a viewpoint,...
from ฿1,550
Included Lunch!
Island Tour Around Koh Samui Full Day Sightseeing Excursion
This full-day island tour around Koh Samui offers you a unique excursion to some of the most famous sightseeing marks. In an air-conditioned vehicle, our guide will show and explain to you some background of Thai culture, country, and people....
from ฿1,850
Koh Samui Pink Dolphin tour Khanom
from ฿1,850per person
Koh Samui Pink Dolphin tour Khanom
On this half-day boat tour, we will take you to the coast of Khanom, where you can experience one of the greatest sights "Pink Dolphins". On the varied journey with the speed boat past the "Pancake stone", you will be...
from ฿1,850
Pig Island VIP Snorkeling Longtail Boat Koh Mudsum & Koh Tan
This exquisite half-day VIP snorkeling tour to the famous Pig Island you will keep with fond memories. In a small group of a maximum of up to 12 people, you will be presented with the most beautiful places on this tour...
from ฿1,750
Private snorkel excursion Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum (Pig Island)
Unique half-day snorkeling excursion (2 islands) with fun for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We will show you some isolated snorkeling sites and coral reefs around Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum. In the clear shallow waters,...
from ฿5,950
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