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Join us at our popular full-day island cruise ship tours with a jungle safari. Let us visit some of the island's most iconic attractions and enjoy the untouched jungle with an adventurous off-road ride through.

In between, you have the possibility to refresh your body under a natural waterfall or on a waterslide. Afterward, we will join a typical traditional Thai meal.

Book now your unforgettable safari and take advantage of our Back-to-ship guarantee. 

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This excursion takes place daily and was specially developed for cruise passengers. All cruise ships that visit Koh Samui as part of their tour are included! As a rule, there are always free places available as long as you can still select your desired date! In very rare cases, orders can overlap and can be canceled or reimbursed promptly.

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            Pick-up at the pierBitte das Accordion aufklappen
We will pick you up in an open off-road jeep at the port and then guide you in the south of Koh Samui. Our partner is waiting (will be updated) at the meeting point of the port of Nathon until your arrival! (Meeting Point!!) It is assumed that you will reach the meeting point on time! Very important! - Your shore excursion begins!
  1st Stop. Hin Ta & Hin YaiBitte das Accordion aufklappen
From here we will drive to the famous grandfather and grandmother rocks in the south of Samui's island. It represents a bizarre rock formation that is reminiscent of the male and female sex. You will get more information or the prehistory of its origins on-site from our multilingual, trained tour guides.
  2nd Stop. Monkey´s at workBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Koh Samui is one of the largest coconut islands in the world, so today we give you an insight into how the trained macaque monkeys help with the daily coconut harvest. Without the useful, nimble helpers, it would sometimes not be possible to harvest the ripe coconuts. Here you will also learn a lot about the coconut and its components.
  3rd Stop. Waterfall 1Bitte das Accordion aufklappen
Na Muang Waterfall 1 is one of the most popular waterfalls on Koh Samui. Due to its large natural swimming pool and high water level all year round, many visitors and locals come to see the natural spectacle. In contrast to many other waterfalls on Koh Samui, the access here is very easy. 
  4th Stop. Mummified monkBitte das Accordion aufklappen
A special insight into Thai culture is the mummified monk Luong Pordaeng. He died in 1973 in a meditative sitting position. The body of the deceased, who has died for over 30 years, shows hardly any signs of decay and is on display in a glass display case in the temple Wat Khunaram in the south of the island. 
  5th Stop. 4x4 SafariBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Ride on a powerful 4x4-wheel drive to the hidden, and evergreen mountains of Koh Samui. Watch the exotic spectacle of wild nature. The jerky drive on unpaved and steep passages is not accessible for other vehicles like a minibus. A little action and fun are guaranteed for all participants.
  6th Stop. Magic gardenBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Now we will drive up to 600 meters above sea level. A visit to the unique Magic Garden in the mountains of Koh Samui. The creative stone sculptures, figures, and other objects exhibited there were all hand-carved and knocked by the 77-year-old owner in 1976 in the finest detail. A must-see on Samui.
  7th Stop. Rubber treeBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Koh Samui is an important production facility in the southern provinces of Thailand for the extraction of rubber from rubber trees. In a time-consuming process, it is shown here how it is processed from the plant to the finished rubber blank. There are numerous larger plantations and processing sites on Samui. (approx. 15 minutes stay).
  8th Stop. 4x4 Safari to MaenamBitte das Accordion aufklappen
The powerful 4x4-wheel drive takes you to the hidden, always green mountains of Koh Samui. The nature is fantastic, but convince yourself. With many other vehicles like a minibus, the access is not possible due to the unpaved paths and the short but steep passages. A little action and fun are guaranteed for all participants.
  9th Stop. Big BuddhaBitte das Accordion aufklappen
The 12 meters high Big Buddha was opened in 1972 and is the symbol of Koh Samui. It is located in the northeast of Samui on a small island (Koh Fan) which is connected to Samui by a bridge. From there you have a sensational view of the coast and the Bangrak pier and the beautiful mountains around.
    Drop-off at the pierBitte das Accordion aufklappen
You reach the port of Nathon in the open off-road jeep in time. Since this is an excursion by our partner, our usual back-to-ship guarantee is void. Of course, our partner always has top priority to bring you back to your ship on time! Please don't worry! - Afterward, please don't forget to rate us! 

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            After your bookingBitte das Accordion aufklappen
You will receive your booking confirmation via email and another email with your tour voucher attached. To guarantee a smooth process, please read carefully all details and show your tour voucher to our employees at the meeting point (mobile is enough!). You will get your voucher at the earliest 72 hours before the day trip starts or the latest until 6:00 p.m. in the evening before!
   Tour guideBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Englisch-speaking! On this excursion, a fully licensed tour guide by the Thai Tourist Authority (TAT) and/or language translator is on-site! The tour guide is in possession of a visible  "tour guide license", which entitles him to operate as a tour guide on excursions within a certain region in Thailand! (He need to  wear his tour guide license obviously on his body).
   Additional feesBitte das Accordion aufklappen
There are no additional costs for you at any time! In case of any attempt requesting additional costs from you, please strictly deny the request and instead contact immediately the employees of our "Help & Support" department. In such a rare case, we will promptly investigate the circumstances and offer extensive support! Of course, this does not apply to charity donations and tips.
   Health insuranceBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Your excursion participation includes a general accident or/and health insurance that is guaranteed by our partners at all operations! In doing so, it cooperates with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), which includes possible personal injury (terms of conditions § 5, 5.1). We strongly advise you always sign up for your own foreign health insurance on your trip to Thailand!
   WeatherBitte das Accordion aufklappen
Should the weather conditions or/and the current traffic situation worsen on a running excursion, the tour program can inevitably be adjusted. The on-site Thai authorities, in general, decide whether the excursion will take place or not. If serious safety concerns arise on the day of the trip, the excursion can cancel.
   Cancellation policyBitte das Accordion aufklappen
You can cancel your booking up to 3 days (72 hours) before the tour date. You will receive a refund, with the exception of the normal transaction or processing fees (terms and conditions: § 3). In the event of illness or injury, of course, we will refund the full amount. Please inform us via phone, up to 12 hours in advance, on-call no. (+66) 620 161 902.

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